01 Quality Warranty

Within 15 days since the customer signed for the product, if the product has any fault, the product can be replaced with the same model and specification for free after the testing and determination by Yuancom Aftermarket Center; within 1 year since the customer signed for the product, the product can enjoy free repair service after the testing and determination of the functional failure of non-human damage; the warranty period is 6 months for the battery, charger, wire and other accessories; for the faulty products within the warranty period but do not meet the warranty conditions and the products that exceed the warranty period, we provide paid repair service.

02 Warranty Coverage

All the products purchased from Yuancom Infrared authorized agents, Yuancom Infrared official sales outlets and sales channels, and Yuancom Infrared sales department can enjoy after-sales service.

03 After Sales Response

After-sales customer service implements the "013 rapid response" policy, with 0 indicating a response within 8 hours on the same day, 1 indicating a preliminary analysis within 1 working day, and 3 indicating a preliminary solution within 3 days.

04 Free Extended Warranty

Product warranty period to implement the "1 + 1 principle"

Quality Warranty

Warranty Coverage

After Sales Response

Free Extended Warranty

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