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Infrared thermal imager in the application of the capture of prisoners

 As seen in the recent terrorist attack at Kunming Railway Station, the terrorist threat to China has escalated and entered the deep water of normalized counter-terrorism, which is an important issue that must be cracked for China's development. The Chinese central government attaches great importance to the issue of counter-terrorism,
Therefore, it is extremely important to implement security in all regions to detect and contain terrorist incidents before they occur. At the same time, with the people's demand for a safer environment and the needs of the domestic counter-terrorism situation, infrared thermal imaging surveillance systems have begun to be widely used in both military and civilian fields.
As the traditional security monitoring system (visible light) is limited by the technical level, it is difficult to obtain the desired effect in some specific environments, such as in the hazy weather, smoke and dew environment, completely lightless night, woods and grass, the hidden source of fire not started, etc.. Therefore, in order to overcome the limitations of the above system, a new security monitoring technology is being brought into the anti-terrorism agenda - infrared thermal imaging monitoring technology.
Infrared thermal imaging technology by sensing the infrared radiation emitted from the surface of the object to form a temperature distribution map of the object's surface, and then through image processing technology and algorithms to obtain a visual infrared image. Infrared thermal imager overcomes both the active infrared night vision needs to rely on artificial thermal radiation and the resulting disadvantages of easy self-exposure, and overcomes the passive micro-light night vision completely dependent on the natural light of the environment and no light can not be imaged. At the same time, the infrared thermal imaging system has the ability to see through smoke.
Fog, dust, snow and the ability to identify camouflage, not subject to daytime black friends, glare, glare interference, you can carry out long-distance, all-weather observation, which to a large extent to make up for the shortcomings of traditional visible light security monitoring system. Therefore, visible light cameras and infrared cameras composite application, for automatic alarm equipment to provide more information-rich images, more conducive to the improvement of the alarm function.
Infrared thermal imaging monitoring system completely changed the previous mode of monitoring and analysis of the monitoring screen completely by security staff, it is through the intelligent video module embedded in the front-end equipment to monitor the screen for uninterrupted analysis, and integrated with a powerful image processing capabilities, running advanced intelligent algorithms, so that users can more accurately define the characteristics of security threats, and finally using intelligent algorithms and user-defined The security model is compared with the user-defined security model, and the security threat is immediately alerted to the monitoring center once it is found.


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