Hot CellThermal Cells

Single-use storage battery Features

Technical parameters of low-power guy-activated thermal battery series Technical parameters

Zinc-silver battery monomerZinc silver battery monomer

High specific energy, high specific power discharge Features

xYZ1 single cell technical parameters Technical parameters

Lithium-ion battery monoblock Lithium-ion battery monoblock

Realization of power, measurement signal Features

Rated capacity (Ah): 10 Technical parameters

Typical zinc-silver battery packTypical zinc-silver battery pack

- Features

DC-20XY1-1 technical index Technical parameters

Cadmium-nickel battery monoblockCadmium nickel battery monoblock

Provide sufficient electrical energy Features

Design life: 30,000 ) weeks (DOD ≤ 15%) or 5a Technical parameters

Typical lithium-ion battery pack Typical lithium ion battery pack

Measurement signal, thermal control Features

DC-LL20-2 technical parameters Technical parameters

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