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Infrared thermography in the power industry

At present, power generation, transmission, substation, distribution and other power systems in their operation, due to the complex operating environment, long time and other factors, all kinds of equipment and lines will have different degrees of thermal defects. Non-contact infrared thermal imaging technology is the best choice for detecting equipment thermal defects. Through temperature detection, image analysis, intelligent diagnosis and other technologies, it allows staff to find safety hazards and defect problems at a safe distance and in time to reduce accidents and ensure safe and economic operation of the power grid.

Electric Power

 At present, the power industry is the most used civil infrared thermal imaging equipment industry, as the most efficient and mature non-contact detection means, infrared thermal imaging camera can greatly improve the progress of obtaining the temperature or physical quantity, the reliability of power supply equipment operation and further enhance. For infrared thermal imaging equipment to the power industry to explore the process of intelligent and ultra-automation, has a very important role.

The challenge for printed circuit board design is how to manage heat dissipation without reducing the performance or cost of the product. Since the size of electronic components is getting smaller and smaller, it is extremely difficult to understand their thermal information accurately. However, with thermal imaging technology, engineers can easily visualize and quantify the thermal map of their manufacturing equipment. By using thermal imaging cameras during the design phase of complex printed circuit boards, subsequent failures and costly recalls can be avoided.


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