Infrared thermal imaging cell phone accessoriesInfrared thermal imaging cell phone accessories

256×192 IR Resolution

7mm Focal length

25° Field of view

Autofocus Focusing method

Sakereye190BSakereye190B photoelectric pod

Sakereye190CSakereye190C optoelectronic pod

JH640-1100 ultra-long-range thermal imaging cameraJH640-1100 ultra-long-range infrared thermal imaging camera

Scientific research institute Applications

Field of view switching (or continuous zoom) Product Features

Dual field of view cooled thermal imaging cameraDouble field of view cooling type infrared thermal imaging camera

Border/coastal security monitoring Applications

Detection and target identification Product Features

JH640-800 continuous zoom ultra-long-range thermal imaging cameraJH640-800 Continuous zoom ultra-long-range thermal imaging camera

Enterprises provide whole machine development Applications

Focusing, field-of-view switching Product Features

Ultra-compact airborne medium wave cooled thermal imaging cameraJH640-280 ultra-compact airborne medium wave cooling continuous zoom infrared camera

Rescue of airports, bus stations Applications

Infrared lenses with continuous zoom Product Features

JH301 police drones small infrared thermal imaging cameraJH301 police UAV small infrared camera

Monitoring system Applications

320 × 240 (or 640 × 480) Technical specifications

Fully sealed and waterproof Features

JH320-55 handheld thermal imaging cameraJH320-55 handheld thermal imaging camera

Forest firefighting, protection Applications

Manual/automatic calibration Technical specifications

Small size and light weight Features

JH320-150/50 dual field of view long range thermal imaging cameraJH320-150/50 dual field of view long range thermal imaging camera

Airports and railway stations Applications

Operating band in 8-14 micron band Technical specifications

DDE/sharpening Features

Sakereye 240 Electro-Optical Pod Technical SpecificationSakereye240

Sakereye 280A optoelectronic podSakereye280A

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