Smart Farming

Smart Farming




 1、The current situation of the farming industry
The current development of the domestic farming industry is showing a booming trend, residents for meat consumption is rising year by year, each year will also import a large amount of meat food to foreign countries to make up for the gap in the domestic farming industry, you can imagine that China's current demand for the farming industry is still huge. Although the farming industry is developing rapidly, but the farming industry supporting the safety, information and other management has not been able to keep up with the development, often bursting out of the epidemic danger, resulting in the meat market market instability, and even the situation of personnel infection, such as we all know before the bird flu, etc., social danger is great, the impact is extremely bad.
2, farming industry monitoring needs
With economic development and social progress, all parties and industries are seeking more intelligent development measures, in the farming industry, in order to achieve information management of the farming industry, timely detection and treatment of violations, effective protection of meat safety, in-depth implementation of the "assured meat " service system, the installation of farm inspection, pending slaughter, quarantine, harmless treatment and other key aspects of the installation of monitoring equipment To achieve daily supervision and harmless treatment and other information management.
3, the farming industry specific monitoring location
Livestock breeding generally have large breeding sites, these sites are a good location for monitoring. When an epidemic spreads in a farm, a large number of livestock will be infected within a short period of time, and the body temperature of infected livestock and uninfected livestock will be significantly different, similar to a human being infected with an epidemic, and the body temperature will be significantly abnormal, according to this feature, we can accurately find out whether an epidemic has occurred through monitoring equipment, and judge the severity of the epidemic, and at the same time We can accurately locate the location of the epidemic and the individual livestock. Timely harmless treatment to prevent the spread of the epidemic over a large area, reduce losses and avoid the generation of large-scale human and animal epidemic spread of infection.
4、The great role of infrared thermal imaging camera
Infrared thermal imager is a machine specially used for detecting temperature, which can get the temperature picture of the measured area in real time, all-weather, and can set the temperature alarm threshold, and the alarm will occur in time when the alarm temperature is exceeded, so as to notify the duty personnel to react quickly and solve the problem. Yuancom has many successful cases in the breeding industry, and can provide a complete monitoring system for the breeding industry.


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