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Infrared thermal imaging in the intelligent manufacturing industry

In applications such as food packaging, automotive manufacturing, semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, infrared thermography is continuously monitored to detect irregularities in the distribution of heat and is used to improve production efficiency. Infrared thermography, as a long-range non-contact temperature measurement technology, can be widely used in smart manufacturing processes and is the key to detection and control in the production process.

Automotive Manufacturing

 Stress testing and fatigue testing are common testing methods in mechanical engineering and materials science, but provide only limited information for complex structures. Even for components with complex geometries, thermal stress mapping can provide thousands of stress measurements simultaneously. This technique can provide researchers with faster and more complete information than strain gauges.
The automotive industry invests heavily in research and development to produce more efficient, safer and higher performance vehicles, often beyond the reach of other industries. One of the keys to success for the automotive industry is to bring reliable new products to market faster. Thermal imaging can help automotive engineers improve the design of airbag systems, verify the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, quantify the effects of thermal shock on tire wear, check the performance quality of joints and welds, and more ......


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