Vehicle mounted photoelectric search and tracking systemVehicle-mounted photoelectric search and tracking system

Aircraft, ships, vehicles Applications

Search, stable observation, targeting control Product Features

Image size:17um×17um Main parameters

Small unmanned vehicle optoelectronic podsSmall unmanned vehicle optoelectronic pod

Helicopter, UAV, unmanned airship Applications

Observation, tracking Product Features

Built-in 10x continuous zoom HD 108Op Main parameters

Vehicle mounted infrared photoelectric tracking system Vehicle-mounted infrared photoelectric tracking system

Day/night battlefield observation Applications

Detection, identification, discrimination Product Features

Stabilization accuracy:≤0.2mrad(1o) Main parameters

Vehicle mounted photoelectric monitoring and tracking systemVehicle-mounted photoelectric monitoring and tracking system

Military and civilian Applications

Video tracking function; Product Features

Rotation dedicated to the most angular speed:orientation:30~is Main parameters

Vehicle Mounted Optoelectronic PodsVehicle-mounted photoelectric pod

Military, public security, security Applications

Azimuth, elevation angle two-axis stabilization platform Product Features

640×512 Main parameters

JH602-300/75 alert tracking photoelectric systemJH602-300/75 vigilance tracking photoelectric system

Medium-sized vehicles Applications

Detection, identification, discrimination Product Features

Stabilization accuracy:0.2mrad(1 o) Main parameters

JH150 three-axis dual-light podJH150 three-axis dual-light pod

Environmental monitoring, flood prevention and disaster relief Applications

Tracking, temperature measurement function Product Features

Rotation range:Orientation:360° continuous rotation Main parameters

JH602-100 vehicle-mounted infrared photoelectric tracking systemJH602-100 vehicle infrared photoelectric tracking system

Nighttime vehicle navigation and warning Applications

Searching, observing, tracking Product Features

JH602-100 vehicle-mounted infrared photoelectricity Main parameters

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