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Infrared thermal imaging technology two basic applications

01Temperature measurement

Can achieve non-contact long-distance temperature measurement and fault detection: 1.

1. simple and intuitive; 2. safe and accurate; 3. efficient and time-saving; 4. all-weather work

▲Power monitoring

02 Night vision

Easy detection and identification of targets in complete absence of light: 1.

1. all-weather work; 2. no fear of bad weather; 3. long action distance; 4. super stealthy

▲Night observation

Temperature measurement and all-weather imaging are the two basic functions of thermal imaging technology

The products developed based on these two are not only used in traditional fields such as military, electric power, industrial manufacturing, scientific research and medical treatment, but also will soon step into our daily life with a new posture.

What is infrared thermography

Principle of thermal imaging technology

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