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Infrared thermography in the building HVAC industry

Infrared technology plays a big role in applications such as heating, ventilation, and building facade inspection, and can be used for energy assessment, fault diagnosis, and leak source location to quickly locate trouble spots and provide a basis for accurate maintenance.

Integrated Circuit Evaluation

 Integrated Circuit Evaluation

A thermal imaging camera combined with a microscope becomes a thermal imaging microscope, capable of measuring temperatures on targets as small as 3 microns. Using a thermal imaging microscope, researchers are able to characterize the thermal properties of components and semiconductor substrates in a non-contact manner.

Temperature Imaging
JET Fusion Plasma Reactor

For temperature measurement of the JET fusion plasma reactor, a thermal imaging camera with rolling integration time, superframe frequency and real-time temperature range extension is required.

III. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)/Materials Testing

NDT is a method widely used to evaluate the properties of materials, components and systems without causing damage to the object being inspected. FLIR thermal imaging cameras with phase locking are capable of performing advanced inspections such as NDT, stress mapping, and can be used to find small temperature differences down to 1 mK.


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