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智能家居近年来不断趋向于健康化、物联化、亲民化的方向,红外感应、语音语义识别、人脸识别、智能安防、Wi-Fi控制、智能云端、手势识别等感应技术是当前在智能家居重要传感的发展趋势。红外热成像作为一种远距离非接触式温度测量技术,可作为智能家居的感知终端,不破坏隐私,实现温度的测量、人员位置和姿态判断 、防火监测等功能。

Application Scenarios

 But when it comes to thermal imaging cameras, people think they are used in industrial places such as metallurgy, petroleum and petrochemical, but in fact, thermal imaging cameras also have many important uses in the home field. Here we will introduce some applications of thermal imaging camera in the home field.
1、Kitchen scene: When cooking, use the infrared camera to see which position of the frying pan is the highest temperature, and then you can choose the position of the oil, control the cooking temperature, and make more delicious food, and also check which position of the rice is the hottest when it comes out of the pan to avoid being burned. You can use infrared thermal imaging camera to view the lowest temperature area in the refrigerator to find the most suitable place for refrigeration.
2、Bedroom living room:Check the temperature of heating equipment such as floor heating, whether there is a fault area where the temperature is too low or too high, whether there is a water leakage area, etc. Check whether there is leakage safety in household appliances, whether there are some problems with doors, windows and walls, etc., and whether there is a fault in the lighting at home.
3, before driving in the summer to check which location in the car is the hottest, to avoid being burned, the vehicle engine and other malfunctions, check which location is the hottest, to find out the location of the fault.
4, the home of small animals can not be found when you can use the thermal imaging camera to quickly locate.
5, home to guests barbecue or camping when cooking, find the location of the flame temperature for baking, can speed up the cooking speed, you can also check where the food has a sandwich place.
Today, the application of infrared thermal imaging camera has penetrated into all walks of life and even thousands of households, the timely application can form a better help.


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