Let infrared technology benefit the public


Industrial Inspection

Vigorously improve industrial production quality, reduce labor costs and improve process flow with the help of thermal imaging technology

Energy Monitoring

Reliable preventive maintenance of power generation, substation/transmission and distribution equipment and facilities, relying on infrared thermal imaging cameras

Security Monitoring

Long-distance target detection, real-time observation of temperature fields, infrared thermal imaging easily helps to achieve long-distance monitoring of fires and real-time protection of the perimeter

Public Safety

Reinforcing social and citizen health and epidemic prevention, scientific assistance to public law enforcement security, and guaranteeing social security emergency relief

Sports Life

Using the world's sixth sense, technology and life collide with the spark to explore the mysteries of nature and life

Greater Health

Combination of medical technology and infrared imaging for inference and diagnosis of the nature and extent of disease

Scientific Research

Use infrared vision to document and witness wonderful science and explore the richness and diversity of research

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